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VITON® RUBBER is one of the newest and most promising members of the elastomer family, FLUOROELASTOMERS resist a wide variety of corrosive fluids at elevated temperatures while retaining their mechanical properties. Other important features of VITON include resistance to weathering, ozone, oxygen and flame... good tensile strength, resilience, low compression set. Unlike many of their counterparts, VITON FLUOROELASTOMERS retain their basic properties at extremely high temperatures. However at high temperatures VITON has very low tear resistance. VITONS tear resistances at high temperature is lower than Silicone rubber at high temperature.

VITON is a synethic rubber. VITON is Chemours trade name for fluoroelastomer. There are other manufacturers making fluoroelastomers similar to Viton but cannot use the Viton trade name so it is referred to as fluoroelastomers. We produce Viton “A” family type or Viton “B” family type. We can provide Viton tubing in other dupont family types such as Viton GFLT or Viton extreme. VITON is commonly produced in hardness of 55 to 90 Shore A.

VITON is commonly used in applications that require chemical resistance and or high temperature resistance. Most Viton compounds have an operating temperature of -10 to 400°F.

VITON can be molded into parts extruded in profiles or tubing or calendaring into sheet goods.

Although FLUOROELASTOMERS are still undergoing extensive development, their excellent mechanical stability under severe operating conditions make them an ideal component from any standpoint except price.

Viton Chemical Designation: Fluorinated Hydrocarbon

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