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We are capable of manufacturing almost any EXTRUDED RUBBER PRODUCT, from the one-time special part to high-volume runs. Custom profile extrusions are common.

Our extrusion equipment can produce EXTRUDED RUBBER PRODUCTS in all shapes: o-ring cord, tubing, squares and rectangles, and profiles in a wide variety of sizes. Extruded rubber rectangles can be up to 2 1/2 inches thick and 15 inches wide. Extruded rubber cord sizes range up to 7 inches in diameter.

Our extrusions meet the most rigid military specifications, as well as all extruded rubber commercial standards.

Our continuous vulcanization extrusion equipment, which vulcanizes extruded rubber through a microwave process, is the most technologically advanced equipment for curing continuous lengths of extruded rubber. As a result of this process, closer tolerances are maintained. In addition, Microwaved EXTRUDED RUBBER is very cost-effective, long lengths are typical. In line cutting is another available option to maintain lowest possible costs.The typical EXTRUDED RUBBER process is the following un-vulcanized EXTRUDED RUBBER compound is fed into the extruder. The flutes of the revolving screw carry the rubber forward to the die, building up pressure and temperature as it advances toward the die. The uncured EXTRUDED RUBBER is forced through the die by this pressure and swells in varying amounts depending on the type and hardness of the compound. Due to the many variables such as temperature, pressure, etc. the extrusion varies in size as it leaves the die, this requiring plus or minus tolerances on the cross-section. During the vulcanization, the EXTRUDED RUBBER will swell or shrink in the cross-section and length depending on the compound used. After vulcanization, a length of extrusion has a tendency to be reduced in dimensions more in the center of the length than the ends.

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"U" Channels

"L" Strips

"U" Channels
with Bulbs

"D" Bumpers/
Ext. Dock Bumpers

"P" Strips

"H" Channels

"e" Channels

Half Rounds

Wing Bumpers

"T" Shapes
If you do not find the rubber extrusion profile you are interested in on this page please PRINT this page, fill in the DIMENSIONS of your ideal size and MATERIAL type, FAX it to us. We will search our extrusion tooling archive and we will forward a quote.. we can also provide custom extruded rubber shapes..

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