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A LATHE CUT RUBBER WASHER is manufactured from a tube of rubber by inserting a mandrel into the tube and cutting the finished dimensions with a knife while the mandrel is being turned at high speed in a lathe type machine.

LATHE CUT RUBBER offers maximum cost-performance benefits in many applications. For example, a LATHE CUT RUBBER SEAL is usually the best choice where a static seal is needed. Its square or rectangular cross-section provides a wider sealing surface and superior resistance to compression set than molded o-rings. In addition to meeting job specifications, a LATHE CUT RUBBER GASKET is less expensive than molded alternatives.

AAA-ACME Rubber has expanded its facilities for producing LATHE CUT RUBBER SEALS, GASKETS, ROLLERS, and SLEEVES. We use state of the art grinding equipment to finish outer surfaces to close tolerances. Our lathe cut machinery affords high speed, precision and large volume production.

We have almost every size mandrel there are no set up charges for Lathe Cut Rubber washers.

Method of Manufacture
The cylindrical tube from which LATHE CUT RUBBER PRODUCTS are cut may be produced by several manufacturing processes depending on design parameters such as size, quantity required and tolerances. The most common manufacturing processes used to produce this tube are:
Injection or compression molding
Extrusion with continuous vulcanization
Extruding the cylindrical profile, placing it on a curing mandrel sized to meet the required inside diameter and vulcanized in an open steam autoclave. This process generally requires the tube to be wrapped tight with a fabric material prior to vulcanization to keep the inside diameter in contact with the mandrel. Once the tube is vulcanized, the outside diameter must be ground to provide the proper wall or outside diameter dimension.
Rollers are made with this process

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