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SILICONE RUBBER is suited for many automotive, appliance, electrical/electronic, and aerospace custom rubber requirements where high resistance to both high and low temperature extremes are involved.

GENERAL SILICONE RUBBER COMPOUNDS will remain flexible at -40°F.
Low temperature Silicone Rubber Compounds will remain flexible down to -30°F.

Temp.-Service Life
300 F-15,000 hours
400 F-7,500 hours
500 F-2,000 hours
600 F-100 hours
700 F-15 to 30 minutes

SILICONE RUBBER in the uncured state can be in a Liquid or Gum form. Silicone Rubber products we provide are cured using one or two cure methods, Platinum curing or Peroxide curing. The majority of Silicone Rubber products we provide are Peroxide cured.

SILICONE RUBBER has been around since the 1940s and can be produced in a durometer range of 10 Shore A to 80 Shore A.

SILICONE RUBBER can be molded into parts extruded in profiles or tubing or calendaring into sheet goods.

SILICONE RUBBER costs continue to be a somewhat limiting factor where extreme temperature resistance is not essential. Unreinforced SILICONES also have lower tensile strengths than most other members of the elastomer family. SILICONE RUBBER is generally attacked by many solvents, oils, concentrated acids, dilute sodium hydroxide

Silicone Rubber Chemical Designation: Polysiloxane

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